The American Heart Association has worked as a non-profit since 1924 to encourage appropriate cardiac care and to prevent the number of deaths from both cardiac disease and stroke. The organization runs public ad campaigns, trains individuals on proper CPR procedure, and invests in research regarding cardiac diseases. Sigma Nu supports the American Heart Association through a philanthropy planned each Spring semester.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, founded in 1962, focuses on the treatment and research of catastrophic childhood diseases, particularly childhood cancer. The organization operates a hospital where patients are treated for free, and over 80% of donations directly support patient treatment. Sigma Nu supports St. Jude with a philanthropy planned each Fall semester.

Habitat for Humanity has been building “simple, decent and affordable housing” since 1976. The organization is a non-profit, Christian based organization that utilizes volunteers in order to offer low-cost, low-interest housing to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford such. Sigma Nu is a support of Habitat for Humanity and sponsors fraternity build-events each semester.