Why Sigma Nu?

Join a legendary brotherhood
Sigma Nu is different. Ever since our organization was first spiritually founded in October of 1868, brothers of Sigma Nu have been striving to create a different experience from other college fraternities. In 1868, Our three founding fathers had just experienced the brotherhood and disciple that came of fighting in The Civil War. As they returned home, and decided to further their education at Virginia Military Institute(VMI), James Frank Hopkins, Greenfield Quarels, and James McIlvaine Riley found themselves missing the type of brotherhood that is formed on the battlefield. The men had pondered the idea of joining a college fraternity, but they had seen the brutal system of physical harassment imposed on lower classmen by their fellow students in the upper classes.

Hopkins had experienced military subservience during the war, and was willing to tolerate a reasonable amount of constraint intended to induce discipline. However, Hopkins was unwilling to accept any amount of hazing then being allowed at VMI. Not one ounce of hazing was he willing to suffer and he was adamant about eliminating it. Once Hopkins, Quarels, and Riley realized that they were on the same page, they vowed to build an organization which would oppose any sort of degrading or demeaning actions upon those who wished to join. Instead, the men fashioned to build a fraternity that could offer the type of brotherhood and discipline taught in the military, while treating all men with the respect they deserve.

To this day, Sigma Nu holds true to our founders values. Our organization fights to break the current stigma of hazing, excessive partying, and below average academic success associated with greek organizations. We teach candidates time management and discipline all while putting academics before fraternal obligations. This concept allows our candidates and brothers to focus on what brought them to Arizona State University: their chosen field of study, while simultaneously providing the environment for personal growth and social involvement that can only be found in a college fraternity. Sigma Nu seeks to work with our candidates to bring out the best version of themselves- loving, truthful, and honorable young men who have what it takes to be ethical leaders in their industry.